She took her boyfriend’s permission.

Feminism in India simplified.

Neelchandra Roy
2 min readMay 19, 2021

Feminism, the hated term in India or say, a term that people in India are afraid of. Feminists are given different names like feminazi, man hater or, female monsters.

The closest people come to accepting it is by saying that 'why is feminism even required, we believe in equality.' Well, to be honest I also belonged to this category. But I realised lately, what women across my country are actually facing in the name of gender discrimination and how vast is the gap between the males and the females. And this void can only be filled by uplifting women at all levels in the society, mainly the non- privileged class. Women in India have ever since been looked at as property that shifts from her parents to her husband.

I am in my early twenties and my genaration generation of young people today might not have experienced this kind of discrimination first handedly or maybe we have but didn't acknowledge it.

There is a small incident with which even you can relate to. So, once my friends and I were planning to go for a music concert and how to convince our parents to let us go to the concert. A friend of mine got up and said she had to take permission from her boyfriend as well otherwise he would be angry with her when he knew about it. All of us were secretly making fun of her as she treated her boyfriend who was exactly her age as her guardian.

This might seem as a small incident and at a more privileged level but women across the country face some kind of oppression at different levels. Maybe a dalit or a underprivileged hindu or muslim women will face more oppression than a women from upper class.

Feminism in India has come a long way but we still have a long way to go as it is still challenging for women to inherit property,get equal pay for equal work, or have safety at the workplace. And equality can come only when we respect our fellow women and help to uplift each other without just being 'Internet Feminist' who write about feminism only in social media and not put it in practice.

Thank you for reading : )