Love finds its way!

Neelchandra Roy
1 min readNov 3, 2018

The triumph of love.

When the days are gloom
And the night is dark
The only place I find a room
Is in the warmth of your arms.

When love was deep
And all I need
Is to be with thee
With no words,no thoughts,no action
With just you and me.

That rising rage I see in you
For the fact of being a rejected lover
But still always one call apart
From me when all I need is the presence of thee .

I wonder how your love engulfs me
To feel so protected in the depth of your eyes.
My heart frets out to reach to you
The pull so strong by social norms
Is all that my love suffers.

Besides,it's all you and me
Beyond the madding crowd
Of all do's and don'ts .

I'll be there ever after with thee
And be found wherever
Love triumphs over man.