So where are we heading to?

Neelchandra Roy
2 min readJul 12, 2019


Unity in diversity.

Starting the day with the tap, scroll, double tap, password unlocked, scrounging through the deep social life of people.
Oh! what a fashionista, a wannabe model, hell she is so ugly.

From being tossed between personal, professional,"secret" life, we are individuals. Are we?

Let’s term them as noises, from the long clear early azan of “Allah-hu-akbar” overlapped by the ding ding dingggg of the brass bells at the mandir facing the mosque accompanied by the shlokas and “Om namah shivay”...and the loud enough voices from the guru duwarah chanting “waheguru da khalsa waheguru di fateh”,and topping it with the dongggg...of the church bell and the chorus in rhythm singing "Holy God we praise thy name".
Variations right ? (my secular India)

From being choked at a traffic and horns screaming to the amateur little kid begging by tapping the raised car glass.

From home to work elbowing all the way to your desired income and back home. Burden,stress,workload, deadline ..not enough yet? let me bring the ultimate one in.

"Shaadi kab kar rahe ho beta?"

Likes, comments,share,react.
Photos before eating, outing, sleeping, waking, shopping, partying are must cuz otherwise how will the world know i did so.

Families, neighbors, friends,relatives who care bro ...i have 10k insta followers.

From dusk till dawn keep the world updated and yourself updated about the trending breaking news.

Eat ,chat,scroll, double tap, overthink,compare,sleep and repeat.

That's how each day ends aimless and muted by our own silence.



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